Krakow Arts Salon, 2018

Krakow Arts Salon

is a survey of art presently created by artists relating to Kraków. The exhibition will take place from 12-21 October 2018 in the Palace of Art, and it is co-organised by Krakow Festival Office and the Artists Innovation Theory Foundation (F.A.I.T.).

The Salon is a joint undertaking of the city institution with extensive experience in organising international festivals and a local foundation, known from experimental activities and work with Kraków’s artists. We hope that this cooperation will be able to combine the swing of projects held by Krakow Festival Office with the familiarity with Krakow’s artistic milieus, brought to the project by F.A.I.T., and the effect will be the exhibition presenting a full range of contemporary art created in our city. Although a number of great artists perform in Kraków, there are no systemic solutions, which would give rise to an interest in local art among city residents. We want Krakow Arts Salon to enable a direct contact among artists and Krakow’s inhabitants, and that is why the exhibition will come along with numerous accompanying events, lectures, and meetings.