Gdańsk City Gallery’s cycle GGM CINEMA SUMMER, I`m a Miner`s Son, 2018

26th of July 2018, Thursday at 9 p.m.
Film screening and meeting with the artists

Róża Duda + Michał Soja: I’m a Miner’s Son (Jestem synem górnika30’, 2018

I’m a Miner’s Son comprises video recordings shot in a submerged mine in Lower Silesia and an abandoned hotel in Greece. It is a journey around worn-out spaces given a new life and infected with eruptions of collective techno-subconsciousness. Places that are inert and subject to entropy as side effects of capital accumulation. Yet, they open up a new kind of logic. Desires are generated there by exuberant structures that make existence meaningful. Imagined content invisibly permeates the real. The visible world is subject to procedures of editing, cleaning, adding, subtracting, a strategy typical of changing authorities create their own vision of reality.

The miner fuelled technological development, while remaining reduced to the pure function of labour, he generated profit above by extracting what was below. But who is his son? A product of a certain new consciousness, a Frankenstein-like cluster of exploitation and consumption fever. Sewn together out of pieces of history and cultural codes. He is consciousness thrown into the very centre of a postapocalyptic landscape, empty and dead.