Ladies and Gentlemen!, Róża Duda & Michał Soja, video, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Video, 2018, 6:00 min, cooperation with Michał Soja,

The video represents a laborer transformed into a zombie, performing in front of a waterfall. The protagonist is inspired by Mynheer Peeperkorn, a character from The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann, during a speech deafened by the roaring water, which preceded his suicide.
Suspended between slavery and liberation, between life and death. Zombie without own voice. Due to its ontological ambivalence, it constitutes an acute analogy to the condition of humankind intrinsically involved in advanced global capitalism dissolving distinctions between the oppressors and oppressed, those in control and those subjected to supervision.
Zombie, which at the initial point was Haitian representation of an enslaved, reified body that is forced to work, later on was appropriated by western entertainment industry and transformed into a boogeyman preying on human flesh, an irrational object of social apprehension. The capitalist laborer and consumer at the same time, captured into and ideological trap of romantic, pseudo-individual construction maintaining the functioning of exploiting system. Zombie possesses no feelings, only impulses. His hunger never ceases. It is simultaneously powerful and witless, it has no conscience. Suspended inevitably between life and death, subject and object, it defies these two categories. It constitutes a denial of romantic subjectivity. It’s not an individual, each of its actions serves spreading of the virus that animates it. Zombie does not stand under the waterfall, zombie has no voice.
Suspended in the literary situation of pondering over committing suicide, the boundary case of making use of freedom of choice and the ultimate expression of one’s subjectivity, it enters an unsolvable situation.