I`m a Miner`s Son, Róża Duda & Michał Soja, film, 30 min, 2018

I`m a miner’s son

Film, 2018, 30:30 min, in cooperation with Michał Soja

‚I am a miner’s son’ consists of recordings of a flooded mine in southwestern Poland and an abandoned hotel in Greece. It is a wandering through used up spaces which were given a new life, which are infected by chaotic rashes of social techno-subconscience. The life of these places is suspended in inertia and growing entropy, they are byproducts of the capital’s accumulation, where a new logic emerges. Desires generate there exuberant structures which give sense to the existence, an imagined content which invisibly penetrates the reality. The content accumulated in the network constitutes the collective subconscious, and starts seeping back into the offline world, in forms of objects of fear and desire. The visible world is subjected to editing, accentuating, cleaning, adding some and reducing other elements, which are typical strategies of changing regimes creating own visions of reality. The miner fueled technological development, by being reduced to sheer labor he generated profit on the surface while extracting resources from under the ground. But who then is his son? A product of a new consciousness, a Frankenstein-like cluster of exploitation and consumption’s fever. Sewn together from pieces of history and cultural codes. It is a consciousness thrown into the middle of an empty, post-apocalyptic landscape.