The 15th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review 

The 15th edition of the SURVIVAL Art Review

23 – 27.06.2017

the Auditorium of the Faculty of Chemistry of Wrocław University

The motto of the 15th edition of the Review is “Stratification.” In art history, this term is applied to the analysis of the structure of a given architectural object by breaking it down into strata. During the jubilee edition of SURVIVAL, this term will be borrowed in order to conduct a study of the symbolic “stratification of the city” with reference to not only architecture, but also in the context of social and economic transformations.

After all, the history of Wrocław’s expansion is not an easy one. By tracing examples of changes that have taken place in the city we can witness not only its development and growth, but also its destruction, disintegration and collapse.

 Among the essential aspects of the idea of SURVIVAL 15 are the notions of tectonics and atectonics, which in regard to works of art (or architecture) pertain to the congruity and uniformity of a construction, or their absence. These terms are crucial in the context of the venue: the Chemistry Auditorium, which retains its original state with hardly any alterations (from the body of the building to the smallest details: chairs, desks, lighting, etc.), and its twin Mathematics Auditorium, which has lost its architectural and artistic cohesion due to a renovation.

The very notion of “strata” can be interpreted by means of art on many levels, especially with regard to social issues, in the context of migration (mixing and overlapping of identities), as a process of identity building (including national identity), or in combination with purely formal artistic notions.


15th edition of SURVIVAL Art Review ‘Stratification’, SZUM Magazine