22nd The Short Film Festival of Switzerland, 2018

22. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur | 6.–11. November 2018

Film history, contemporary cinema, and a healthy dose of British humour: in this year’s programme, Kurzfilmtage explores the diversity of British cinema, looks at Geogia’s eventful history, and presents experimental video works by renowned Canadian artist Mike Hoolboom. In additional curated programmes, we honour legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman and bring Walt Disney’s cartoon series «Silly Symphonies» back to life.

Main Focus: This Is Britain

For decades, British short films have been among the most creative and eclectic worldwide. In Winterthur, too, their (sometimes caustic) humour and their blunt look at social realities have repeatedly caused a stir. Two years after the Brexit vote, Kurzfilmtage presents a cinematic survey of a nation on the move while also looking back at an eventful film history.
The Main Focus:This Is Britain encompasses 9 programmes presenting an impressive range of filmmaking: It’s a FreeCinema pays tribute to British shorts from the 1950s. British Classics shows defining works of social realism by internationally renowned directors such as Mike Leigh and Andrea Arnold. The Kids Are Alright focuses on the young protagonists’ journey into adulthood and on their view of social issues. The films in The Female Gaze address feminist as well as postcolonial themes from a female point of view. Nature and Its People explores the complex relationship between humans and nature, whereas You’ll Never Walk Alone presents snapshots of nationalism, patriotism, and football. Scotland: «To see oursels as ithers see us!» is dedicated to the Scots and how the outside world views them.
Films in Dialogue connects the works of film artists Luke Fowler and Alia Syed. And The Silly Side of Life explores the boundaries of the absurd and black humour that is so often associated with the Brits.

Person in Focus: Mike Hoolboom
Mike Hoolboom is one of Canada’s most productive experimental filmmakers; since 1980, he has made over 100 films and videos of various lengths and formats. Two of his works, «Frank’s Cook» and «Letters from Home», received awards at the Toronto International Film Festival. In the 1980s, Hoolboom was diagnosed with HIV, which has had a profound
impact on his filmmaking practice. Homosexuality, sexuality, AIDS, death, and love are recurring themes in his works. At Kurzfilmtage, Hoolboom offers an in-depth look at his oeuvre in two experimental programmes – Ventriloquisms and Supernatural Powers – curated specifically for the festival.